Tutorial: Photo Canvas

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I love the look of canvas prints.  The only downfall is the price.  So I began looking for an alternative way to get the same look for a lot less.  I came across The Sassy Pepper blog, and loved what she came up with!

Pre-stretched canvas
Paper cutter or scissors
Decorative paper 
Two Paint Brushes 
Acrylic/Craft Paint

Step 1:  Measure the sides of your canvas, and cut your paper to fit.

Step 2:  Cover your canvas with Mod Podge and allow to dry.  This will take about 20 minutes.

Step 3:  Apply Mod Podge to the sides of the canvas, and the backs of your pre-cut paper

Step 4: Put your paper on your canvas, making sure to smooth out any bubbles.  It is okay to leave some space on the corners, tops, and bottoms because you will be painting over this section.  When I did this process again with my other photos, I decided to overlap the paper, so the corners were covered.  I liked this better :]

Step 5: Apply Mod Podge to the back of your photo, and use a towel to press it on the canvas so you won't get finger prints on it. 

Step 6:  Cover the photo with Mod Podge for added protection.  

***Even though it dries clear, keep in mind that in certain light you will be able to see the brush strokes.

Step 7: Once the Mod Podge is dry, use a brush or sponge to apply the paint.

And the end result?  A great DIY alternative to the pricey canvas print photos. 

These will make great gifts as well!

<3 Saleena


  1. This is a great tutorial, thank you!


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