Week 20

Matthew and I gathered with those we love most to share the special moment of finding out if we will be bringing home a little boy or girl in August. I am overwhelmed by His love and goodness. All the glory goes to Him! Now, I can finally start shopping for my little one! ;) 

Here is a must-see video of the reveal!  I cry every time I watch it. 

Now that you have seen the reveal, you have to see my dear mother-in-law's reaction. Our little princess is so loved already! 

Hope this brought a smile to your face today! 

<3 Saleena 

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Week 18

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A letter to baby...from Kid President

I have been writing letters to our little one every few weeks.  When I saw this video by Kid President, I  had to include it. It will warm your soul! :]

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Week 14

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Week 12

Ok, so ultrasounds are...AMAZING!  I cried all through my first one at 8 weeks, and my OB blamed the hormones. Honestly, it was the first time I really felt pregnant! Seeing our baby on the screen was such a beautiful experience. I just had another ultrasound this week at the perinatologist and was absolutely blown away by how developed our little bean is! I am in awe of God's creation and so humbled that He is creating within me! Fortunately, Matt took a video so we could share with others. I cry every time I watch it. It's truly incredible.

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Week 11

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