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I haven't updated you in while and for that I apologize.  These past few weeks have been stressful, to say the least.  Now I know why people have longer engagements! Planning a wedding in four months is tough, especially because I am doing so much of it myself.  But on the other hand, all of the DIY projects have made this experience so enjoyable...even if they are time consuming.

 I want to share some projects with you that I finished up this weekend.  The first is the flower girl basket.  I bought a darling pink basket at the Goodwill for $3, some moss at Michael's for about $5, and added a scrap of lace I had left over from my Love Bird project.  Total cost: $8

My next project was the guestbook.  I didn't want the traditional guestbook because I knew I would never look at it again.  When I came across the Thumb Print guestbook, I  fell in love with the idea.  This way I will be able to hang it up in our home, and enjoy it every day.  I got my inspiration from CottageCreekArts on Etsy, who incorporated the love birds theme into the painting.  I would have bought the painting from them, but the price tag was a bit too high for my budget.  For a canvas, brushes, ink, pen, and paint, the total cost: $40

My third project was the masks for the photo booth.  I bought plain plastic masks and feathers at Michaels.  All it needed was a little time and some hot glue, and vuala :]  Total cost: $6

16 MRE DAYS!!!
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