A Plate Isn't Just for Food

Well, we did it.  Mom and I have collected all of the plates and vases we need from thrift stores, good wills, flea markets, garage and estate sales, and last but certainly not least, my grandma's house.  :]  Quite the task in 2 and a half months, but its finished!  I can't wait to see the finished look.  My loft is currently overflowing with wedding goods, and I snapped a picture of the side that has been taken over by mismatched china.
It may not look like it, but there are over 200 plates there. 
 During the process, people have asked me why I bother to spend the time it takes to  drive around from store to store and search for plates when I could simply rent them from the caterer or rental company and be done with it.  My response?  I don't want the only purpose of these plates to be a dish from which food is eaten.  I want them to be a detail connected to the memories that are made at those tables.  My wedding day will only last a few short hours, but the memories will hopefully last much longer. I have had so much fun preparing and planning this wedding, and collecting these plates has played a central part in that.   I have also enjoyed accumulating vases.  

111 to be exact. [I couldn't quite fit them all in the picture] While they were fun to buy, they weren't so fun to wash and dry.  It probably took about five hours to wash, dry and pack them into boxes [I had prune fingers for sure].  They need to be nice and clean when we drop them off with the florist. She hasn't done anything like this before, but I am sure they will look beautiful.

Other updates!
 I had been looking for shoes for quite sometime. I looked in every shoe store at Ontario Mills and Victoria Gardens and had no luck.  The hard part was finding cute shoes with a lower heel [Matt isn't the tallest guy, but he's the perfect height for me, of course :] ]  I received a $5 off at DSW for my birthday, so I decided to go.  I had been to the one at Ontario Mills so I decided to go to the one in Buena Park by my school.  I had looked and looked and found nothing.  As I was walking out I noticed I had missed a small section of shoes.  As soon as I walked over I saw them and instantly knew they were the ones!  They are SO cute.  They are the perfect mix between modern and vintage.  The heel is a little tall, but I already told Matt he needs to wear platforms ;]  Total cost: $49

I didn't want to buy a veil from David's Bridal because they were so darn expensive [$200 for a piece of material I would wear for an hour...no thanks.]   I asked a couple of my girlfriends who had gotten married if I could borrow their veils to try on at my fitting. Turns out neither would work because their veils were white and my dress is ivory.  So I began my search.  I looked at every antique/vintage clothing store I could find in Fullerton, Azusa and Rancho.  No luck either.  I had my last fitting, and no veil to try on.  I asked the consultant if I could try on a few more, and she brought me a few.  I love the first one, but at $200, it was out of the budget.  I asked about birdcage veils, and she brought a couple in.  They were cheaper and went with the look I was going for, but the birdcage material blocked my face too much.  So I decided to get something in between.  A shorter veil [blusher] with tool.  It has a vintage look and was half the price of the longer one I loved.  Total cost: $100

More updates to follow!


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DIY: Poppin' the Question

I wanted to ask my very best friends to be my bridesmaids in a creative way. I bought each of them a different ring (found at Forever 21 and Charlette Russe) and attached a little note that said, "Will you be my bridesmaid?" on one side, and "Wear this on the big day!" on the other. The girls absolutely loved it. Some of them, even those who already knew they were going to be bridesmaids, got emotional. I sent Fino's ring along with her Save the Date, and she captured it perfectly. :]

Total cost: $35 for 7 rings
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Round two

Although there was only about half of the people as the previous craft party, we were SUPER productive! Bri and Josh even stayed until 1:30 AM cutting and sewing away! We still have a long way to go, but we are making progress :]

Here are some pictures from the party:

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