We went to the chapel...and we got married!


That's right!! We are married!! WHOO!  I can't describe the joy I feel.  It is such an incredible experience, and the first five days of marriage have been an extreme success :]

The last couple weeks leading up to the wedding were full of last minute projects and necessary business, so I neglected to blog.  Sorry if you kept checking and nothing new was posted.  I am going to make up for it by posting a mega-blog, mainly composed of pictures.  Enjoy!

Bachelorette Party! 

Incredible friends

Yes, it's a penis straw.  

For when I'm not in the mood haha

We danced the night away

Out to breakfast the next morning :]

Wrapping silver in twine

Making sign for "Love Lasts" table

Pictures for the "Love Lasts" table

Picking out doilies for each table

Separating each table's accessories into individual boxes

Typed up directions for the guestbook & photo booth

Guestbook Table

Desk for guest to leave a note

Photo booth table with sign and props

Seating Chart

Card Box

Bird Cages

Table numbers

Hope you enjoyed this!  

<3 Mrs. Sinner ;]

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