DIY: Ruffled Christmas Tree Skirt

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Finals are DONE! Whoohoo!  It's time for celebrating.  How to best celebrate freedom from studies? Crafting of course!  Christmas is right around the corner, and because it is our first Christmas together (meaning we have absolutely no decorations), I have a lot to get done! When I stumbled across this tree skirt on HGTV's website, I fell in love.  The best part?   IT'S NO SEW!  So anyone can do it.  :]

4-1/2' x 4-1/2' piece of canvas
measuring tape
5 yards cream linen (Or whatever color you would like - even christmas patterned!)
sharp scissors
fray-blocking glue
3 1/3 yards ribbon
hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Using a tape measure, mark and cut a square of canvas that is approximately 4-1/2' x 4-1/2', then fold into quarters.

 Once into quarters, fold canvas over itself to form a triangle with the folded center at point. Cut base in a quarter circle.

 Cut a small quarter circle out of the point.

 Open the skirt until it's folded in half and cut along the radius on one side of the center hole only. This will provide slit in the fabric so the skirt can be placed under the tree. 

Apply no-fray glue along all raw edges and allow to dry. Tip: A canvas painter's drop cloth is an inexpensive material perfect for this project.

Using sharp scissors, cut linen fabric lengthwise into 2.5-3 inch-wide strips. A little tip?  If your flooring allows, use your grout line as a guide.  These strips don't have to be perfect.

Preheat hot glue gun. Apply a line of hot glue approximately 1 1/2 inches from outside edge of skirt. Create ruffles by pinching linen with fingers and pushing gathers down onto hot glue. 

 Continue this process around the entire skirt edge. 

 Start the next row approximately 1 1/2 inches above the previous row. 

Repeat this process until its all done!  Just be forewarned, this is a pretty time consuming project. But don't be discouraged, the result is well worth it!

Next, cut 10 pieces of ribbon into approximately 12-14 inch lengths. Use hot glue to attach ribbon to underside of tree skirt along slit created in canvas base. (For added strength, I stapled the ribbon first and then hot glued it to the canvas.  Be careful not to staple your ruffles! Because the bottoms of the ruffles are not glued down, you are able to staple underneath them). 

Evenly space five on one side of slit and five directly opposite.

Place skirt under tree and tie ribbons together in bows.

Isn't it gorgeous?  
I think so. :]

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Happy ruffling! 

Saleena <3

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