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If you have been married, or are currently planning your big day, you know how much time, effort, tears, and sweat go into planning for an amount of time that goes by so quickly.  In my experience, having a short engagement (mine was four months) only magnifies the time, effort, tears, and sweat I spent planning and preparing for my wedding day.  My dad thought I was absolutely crazy every time I began working on a new diy project because I already had so much on my plate.  Fortunately, my mom was a bit more supportive and helped me tremendously throughout the journey.  All of the hard work paid off!  My wedding day was absolutely perfect.  Almost two months exactly after our big day we were featured on the Ultimate Wedding Blog Style Me Pretty!

 Matt and I were actually in the San Jose International Airport ready to return from our Costa Rican honeymoon when I saw it.  The internet connection was horrible, so I was  feverishly wondering through the airport to try and connect to the internet so I could see my wedding pictures on a blog that played such a huge role on my inspiration for my own wedding. Now I could be that inspiration for other brides-to-be.  What a great feeling!  After it was featured on Style Me Pretty, other blogs featured it too!  FrillyThe Hipster BrideBees Elbows, and Wedding Ideas! Whooo hoo! :D

Oh, on a side note, I finally joined Twitter. Follow me. :] And if you enjoy reading my blog, become a follower.  I have none, so it will reassure me that I am not just talking to air. Thanks!

<3 Mrs. Sinner

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