An Unexpected Adventure continued...

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Sorry the last post stopped so abruptly. I had to go to class.

...Boca Chica was great. Andrew, mister adventerous, decided he wanted a coconut. So what does he do? Climb the tree, of course. I wasn't there to watch him do this, so I don't know exactly how he managed, but I saw the scrapes along his sides as a result. He's crazy.

After Boca Chica, we went to a couple different museums. They were really interesting. I didn't really understand much of what the guides said, but they were visually appealing. [the museums, not the guides.] One of them had peacocks! :]

After touring the city, we went back to the hotel and had a couple hours to wash up and rest. At 9pm we headed out to the boardwalk. It was the first time we had been outside at night as a group. There was live music playing, and I enjoyed watching the natives dance. Even though it started to rain, we all couldn't help dancing. It was great :]

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  1. sorry to hear you were sick.
    bri sounds like an awesome friend
    im excited for you :)
    sounds like you are fed well, i can't believe they make your plate for you and expect you to eat all of it.
    we will def have to go running when you come back
    hope this week is going well for you.
    love you.



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