Sick as a dog

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That night, I had such a hard time staying asleep. I kept waking up throughout the night feeling nauseas. Saturday morning, I threw up twice. Unfortunately, we were checking out of our hotel at 9am so we could do more sight seeing before heading back to Santiago. I really wanted to stay behind and sleep in one of the rooms occupied by the missions team because they were at our same hotel, but they were leaving at 9:30 that same morning. We headed to Dumbo’s for breakfasts, the same sandwich place we ate at the morning before, and the Bri’s convinced me to lay down on a few chairs they had pushed together in a corner. I was content laying there in the air conditioning while the group ate their breakfast. Once they were finished, we headed to the museum Las Americas. I was feeling too sick to pay attention to the Spanish-speaking guide, so I don’t know much information about what I saw. I do remember a pope-mobile though. I guess the pope came to visit and he rode in style—bulletproof car! They have it on display in front of the museum. After the long tour, we headed over to las Tres Ojos, three underground lakes. It was SO beautiful, but I was feeling so under the weather, I only took a few pictures. At around two o’clock we headed home. I was in the front seat; sitting on Cecilia’s lap, for the three-hour drive home. When I got home, I crashed. I slept for about two hours, and my mom woke me up for dinner. She made me soup. I felt bad that I was only able to eat about five bites, but I think she understood. After I was done eating, I went straight back to bed; it was about 8:30.
My mom woke up the next morning at 8:30 with breakfast. I gave my mom a bracelet with 5 silver crosses on it; it was Mother’s day. I felt better, so I ate the pancakes she made me. After I took a shower, I felt nauseas again, so I went back to sleep. I got up around 12 and got ready because my dad was coming to pick me up. I went to Bri’s house for lunch, where many people were gathered. My plate was already served, like it always is, with heaping amounts of food. I didn’t want to eat at all, but I ate some to be polite. Bri’s dad kept telling me I needed to eat more, so I ate a little more. When I stopped eating again, my mom told me I ate nothing, and needed to eat more. Praise God Bri was sitting next to me, and came to my rescue. She told my mom is was okay that I wasn’t eating because I was sick and that I would eat more, little by little, as time went on. My mom took my plate, giving about half of the food on it to Bri. Not only did she eat my left over food, but drank gulps of a Gatorade that my dad had bought for me, when no one was looking, because apparently Gatorade is good for a sick stomach. She is such a blessing. :] After that, we all went to another family-friend’s house. I didn’t get much homework done at all that weekend because I left it all for when I got back from Santo Domingo, but I wasn’t expecting to get sick. I stayed up late Sunday, doing what homework I could.
I had a long week of studying ahead of me. Test in all my classes!

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