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I am finally able to post my thoughts, emotions, and experience since I have been here. I don't have internet my home, so coming on regularly is difficult, but my host mom said that we will be getting internet soon! But then again, soon in the DR could definitely mean later.

From the airport, in Santiago, we went to our new school, Universidad Nacional Evangelica, where are families were waiting for us! My parents, Jose Leonardo and Elisa, were very excited to meet me, and my sisters, Acsa who is 8 months old and Linette who is 2 years old, were a bit shy, but I was sure that was only temporary. After we introduced ourselves, we got our bags, packed the cars, and headed in our separate directions. Upon arrival, I got our of the truck and because of the humidity, my glasses fogged up! It was definitely a realization that I wasn't in California anymore! After wiping my classes clean I began the tread up the 8 flights of stairs to the 4th flour, where my family lives.

When I walked to my room, this sign was on the door. [Above] "Bienveidos a tu hogar" o "Welcome to your home". And my wonderful room has a TV, rocking chair, and connects to the bathroom. And I added the view from my window! :]

I am in the mall, La Plaza Internacional, and my computer is about to die, so unfortunately I have to continue updating you later. :[ Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!

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  1. yeeee!!..your room looks comfy and cute :)
    the view from your room is gorgeous! i wouldn't mind having a beautiful view like that.
    I hope you get internet really soon...ill be praying for that lol...hope you're first day of class went well.
    love you.


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