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Friday morning, Bri and I taught my mom how to make pancakes. When I asked her if she was eating, she said it would depend on whether she likes it or not. I’ve been eating weird food all week and when I made food for her, she was picky before she even tried it. I may have been slightly offended. I’m just glad she liked it, or that she said she did. Bri and I took the concho to school. On Fridays we don’t have any classes, so we begin the day with devotional, and then go on a little tour of the city. Devotional started off well. We prayed and sang in both English and Spanish. After that Bri’s dad began discussing the chosen verses. I didn’t really understand much of anything, because when someone is speaking for a long period of time, I tend to zone out, especially when that someone is not speaking English. Towards the end, he asked if anyone had anything they wanted to add. No one said anything, so he called on people, starting from one end to the other. My friend Andrew was sitting next to me, and he has never taken a Spanish class before this program, so he just said he needs to learn more Spanish. When it was my turn, I meant to say, “Estoy en la misma barca de mi amigo” / “I’m in the same boat as my firend” BUT I accidentally said, “Estoy en la misma boca de mi amigo” / “I’m in the same mouth as my friend. I chuckled, not even realizing what I said until the next person was talking. It was quite embarrassing, but pretty hysterical. I don’t want to know what Bri’s dad was thinking.

After devotional, we piled into a van and drove into town. El Centro de la ciudad has a lot of stores, a lot of people, and a lot of cheap stuff. It reminded me of china town without the Asian theme. After spending a little time here, we walked to the monument. 

The Monumento a los Héroes de la Restauración was constructed by Dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo in the 1940's as an honor to himself. For 60 pesos, we climbed the spiral staircase to the top, and enjoyed a view of the city. While I was enjoying the view, I noticed something fall on my shirt, so I look down and find BIRD POOP! Disgusting right? Luckily, one of the girls had a napkin in her purse, and I was able to get it off easily. Then I look over, and it pooped all down the side of my purse! If this was any old purse, I would not have bothered me as much, but it was a gift from Matt. Unfortunately, it didn’t come out so easily this time and I had to use water sparingly because its leather. After all of this commotion, I take out my camera, turn it on, the lens come out, and the screen stays black with a “Lens error, restart camera” sign, they turns off. I repeatedly turn it off and on, with the battery and without—nothing. Not only does it not work, but the lens is open, so it can be easily damaged. Fortunately, the same girl that had the napkins in her purse also had a sock that she kept her camera in, which she let me borrow. Thanks Cecilia! :]

When we got back to school, Bri Sperber invited me and Bri Martindale over for lunch. Her mom made hamburgers—amazing. Probably the best lunch I’ve had her so far. We were then invited to go to her grandma’s house to go swimming. We were told the walk wouldn’t be far and swimming sounded heavenly. We begin walking, and kept walking, and walked a little further and walked a lot further! I don’t think I had ever been so hot in my entire life. To top it of, I had bug bites that were so irritated, I wanted to sit down and give up. When we finally arrived at the gate of her grandma’s house, we were so relieved and couldn’t wait to jump in the refreshing pool of water. As we walked through the gate we all glance at the pool and look at each other—its green! The pool is green. We were tempted to go an anyways, but Bri’s mom wouldn’t allow us to. So we laid down on the tile floor, with the fan on high, not moving for a good 15 minutes. Once we were cooled down, we moved into the living room and notice it was not only raining, it was pouring. How could it be pouring after an afternoon like that? We were grateful that it would cool things down a bit. Bri’s dad took me home and I opened all of my windows in my room. It was the coolest night since I had been here.

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