DIY: Vintage Ladder Part 1

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There are so many great things you can do with an old ladder. They add so much character to a room, especially a room with tall ceilings. They can also function as storage for a bathroom or laundry room. Check out these photos I found on Pinterest for some inspiration.

I wanted a place to store all of my scarves, and I thought that a ladder would be the perfect way to display them while having that vintage look that I love. My hunk of a husband helped me out on this project. 

1 3/8” circle drill bit
Power Drill
Compound Miter Saw
One 1 3/8” wooden Dowel
Two 1” x 4” x 6’ wood boards
Tape measure
Ten 2 ½” nails

Measure where you want the rungs of the ladder to go.
I thought every 12 inches looked good.

 Start with one end of the board, elevating it off of the ground with bricks or other wood.  Carefully, use your drill bit to create a your circular cut.

 Repeat every 12 inches (five holes on each piece of wood)

 Next, mark your wooden dowel.  I cut mine every 16 inches. Keep in mind, the ends will be hidden behind the larger pieces of wood. 

 Place your dowel in the holes of one of the pieces. Put the rungs through the holes of the other 1 x 4

Starting with the first rung, take a nail hammer it straight through the top of the 1 x 4 and into the rung below.  Note: you may want to use your hammer to make sure the wooden dowel is flush with the 1 x 4 before putting the nail in

 Repeat with all other rungs.

And there you go!  Stay tuned for part 2, which will show you how to distress it to make it look vintage.


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