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I first stumbled across this brilliant tutorial when I was wedding planning.  I thought it would be great to make fabric flower center pieces (which go wonderfully with the vintage theme) and have them double as favors.  This could have been a possibility if 1. I had much longer to plan than four months and 2. lots of people willing to help out.  So if you want these to be part of your big day, or just want to add a little something t your home decor, these little treasures are sure to make you swoon. 

Cute Fabric (mismatch or coordinating) 
Sewing Machine
Glue gun
Fabric Scissors
Sticks (I collected them on the last hike Matt and I went on...don't tell the forest ranger!)
Glass Jar/Vase
Yarn (optional)

1. Cut fabric in 5" x 45" strips.  

2. Fold strips in half lengthwise and iron flat. (Your strip is now 2.5" x 45")

3. Open up strip.  Sew a gathering stitch along the pressed seam. Fold back into  place.

4.  To cut the petals,  scallop the open ends of the strip.  Each scallop is approximately 2-2.5 inches.  If you make a small mark at the open end every 2-2.5 inches it will help guide you as you cut.

5. At one end make a tail.  It's about one inch wide by at least 4 inches long.

6.  To make things easier, use the first one and place it on top of another strip and use it as a pattern to cut the scalloped edge.  These don't need to be perfect.

7.  Sew the scalloped edges together.  Contrasting thread adds a little pop of color, but you can do what ever you please.

To get the rest of this tutorial, visit Snowy Bliss

For the vase, I used a glass jar and wrapped white and yellow yarn around it. 

I absolutely love how they turned out!  Now I will always have beautiful flowers at home :]

<3 Saleena

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  1. They turned out FABULOUS! So fun! Thanks for sharing my tutorial!


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