I Hear Wedding Bells Springing

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Matthew and I attended a wedding a few weeks ago, and, because I'm such a DIY junkie, I had to share some of the great DIY touches this bride and groom incorporated on their big day.

As guest walked in, they were greeted with a welcome sign made from an old window.

As you continued to walk in, you couldn't help but notice their bikes lying against the same tree the welcome sign was hanging.  If you knew the couple, you would know they ride their bikes everywhere.  They even had them when they got engaged. :]  

The alter was a vintage desk with flowers and the elements for communion.  The red wall created a nice backdrop, and drew your eye up to the hanging hydrangeas in glass jars and jute twine.  The scene was complete by a wall of colorful streamers that blew in the afternoon wind.

The beautiful bride and her papa.

Once the ceremony began, the bride and groom partook in communion. After that, they had the bridesmaids and groomsmen serve the guests as they watched.  I loved this idea!

The exit

I LOVE these boutonnieres! 
They are so unique, and because they aren't perishable like flowers, the guys can hang on to them as a keepsake.

The reception was so intimate and cozy.  White lights were strung across wooden beams and candles in glass jars were draped over tables. 

Love the Mr. & Mrs. sign

The favors were awesome. Homemade strawberry jam and honey, plus a honeycomb stick with a personalized tag.  Too cute.  They also had pictures on the tables of each of them growing up, and we passed them around from table to table.  That was so fun.

We had a great time!

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Springs! 

<3 Saleena


  1. I love those window signs. Did they do the etching themselves too??

  2. I don't know for sure, but they probably just used chalkboard markers. That is what I used for a sign I had at my wedding too. :]


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