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I went to Joann's to buy a large paper maché  "&" sign for the engagement shoot.  I thought it would be cute to hold in between Matt and I, but to my disappointment, they only had letters.  So I had to get creative.  I began picking up letters of different shapes and sizes and laying them out on the floor [good thing they weren't very busy]. I decided to spell out "Lovebirds" to go along with the theme.  I ended up spending a little more than I intended to [9 letters do cost more than one "&" sign], but I think it was worth it.  :]

Here are a few short steps to one of my DIY projects incase you'd like to do something similar at home.

I bought wooden letters about six inches tall and painted them an ivory color.

I wanted these letters to go along with the vintage look, so I used a lace window panel I found at a garage sale for $1.  I cut off the casing at the top, which gave me more than enough fabric to work with.  I made sure to cut to the left of the seam so it wouldn't unravel.  

Next, I traced by letters.  I wanted the fabric to cover only the surface of the letter.  If you want your fabric to wrap around the entire letter, make sure to leave more room. 

Then cut it out! I left about a quarter of an inch from my trace line, just in case the fabric moved.

After that, I glued the lace onto the letters with rubber cement glue.  I'm sure there is a better glue to use, but that is all I had and it served its purpose [at least for the time being].

Ta daaaa! 

I thought they turned out nicely :]

Total cost: $15

I was unsure of how we were going to use them for the shoot, but Christin and Jacob were creative and hopefully got some cool shots.  We are going to hang the letters at the reception as well, hopefully above our sweetheart table. :]


I can't believe I am going to be a WIFE next month

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