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Yesterday I went to the departure meeting for the Dominican Republic Study Abroad program. Because I'm not going to APU this semester, it was really nice to see some familiar faces in that room. Really nice. Almost like a breath of fresh air. Even though I am leaving my family, friends, and boyfriend in 3 short weeks, I'm not going to be embarking on this journey alone.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalms 37:4

I am so grateful that the Lord has put the desire to go to the DR in all of their hearts, like He has in mine. AND because he He gave us this desire, He has provided a way for all of us to go. Times are tough; I know that well. But He makes a way for His children.

Here's my story.

In Fall 2008, I was planning to study abroad in Spain the following semester. I researched programs and once I found the perfect one, I applied. When I got the acceptance letter I was ecstatic. In the next couple weeks I was planning my trip, hardly containing my excitement, only to find out my parents had been denied a loan for the second time. I was heart broken. Not only could I not study abroad, but I could not even stay at APU. Devastated, I took a leave of absence and moved back home over Christmas break.

I didn't understand why God was closing every door, and was frustrated that He wasn't making a way for me. [He was making a way for me, it just wasn't MY way]. I attended Chaffey and Tri-Community Photo School during the spring and summer 09. Because I left APU, I had time to pursue photography, a passion of mine, for the first time. I guess God knew what He was doing. :] Thankfully I was able to get a loan to return to APU fall 09 and I did not give up my dream of studying abroad. I continued to look for programs in Costa Rica and Chile and found a few that seemed wonderful, but again, finances were not promising. The financial rollercoaster ride I was on was nauseating. I had to take a second leave of absence from APU, and moved back home over Christmas break 09. Satan rushed right in. I began to doubt about my education, and God's willingness to provide for me. I began to doubt my self-worth, and my ability to succeed in anything. I began to doubt if I would ever follow God's plan for my life.

Through my prayer and fasting, Satan was trampled under my feet. God was revealing His provision for me in SO many ways. One being this trip to the DR. Because I didn't attend APU this Spring, my loans that would have went towards tuition rather went towards the DR. Not only did it help, I had enough credit on my account to cover the WHOLE trip. When I discovered this, tears of joy uncontrollably streamed down my face. God knew what He was doing all along.

He was preparing me, "For such a time as this."

p.s. During the meeting, it was mentioned that we may be able to meet up with another group from APU while we are there. They are going to the DR and Haiti for ministry. PLEASE be praying that we can do this. Even though our goal while studying there is to deepen our understanding and knowledge of Spanish, we are Christians FIRST. We are called to spread His Truth and Love to the nations.

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